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Specialising in skin cancer management, cutaneous laser surgery

and cosmetic dermatology

Dermatological surgery and skin cancer treatment

Non-melanoma skin cancer 

  • Use of topical creams in skin maintenance and cancer prevention

  • Cryotherapy, curettage and electrosurgery

  • Excision, including Mohs’ micrographic surgery 


Moles and melanoma

  • Mole screening and biopsy

  • Melanoma excision and follow up


Benign skin lesions

  • Removal of seborrhoeic keratoses, xanthelasmata, cysts etc

Laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology

Vascular disorders including “broken veins”and rosacea    

  • Iridex Diolite long pulsed KTP (532nm) laser

  • Candela Perfecta pulsed dye (595nm)  laser

  • Lumenis Quantum intense pulsed light source

Pigmentary disorders and tattoo removal

  • Spectrum wavelight Q-switched ruby (694nm) laser

  • Cynosure Affinity Q-switched KTP and Nd:YAG laser

  • Lumenis Quantum intense pulsed light source

Hair removal

  • GentleMax long pulsed alexandrite (755nm) laser

Skin rejuvenation and laser skin surgery

  • Fraxel re:store (1550nm) laser

  • Sciton Er:YAG (2094nm) laser

Cosmetic dermatology
  • Botulinum toxins 

  • Injectable fillers

  • Chemical peels

  • Microsclerotherapy of leg vessels

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